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Why EVs?

Electric Vehicle Efficiency

Home How much more energy efficient? Very Much. Chatting about EVs at Earth Day For some drivers, it is satisfying to drive a vehicle that wastes so little energy. The in-vehicle conversion efficiency of an...
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Types of Electric Vehicles

Home In the beginning of the modern electric era, there were Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) Toyota Prius You may recall the Toyota Prius when it first came out. It had both mechanical (gas engine) and...
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About EV Four Corners

About EV Four Corners bySarah Kelly The first thing to know about us is we are a non-commercial, loosely affiliated interest group. We will not be taking advertising at any time, though we may discuss...
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EV News & Reviews

BLM solar plan comment period about to end

The comment period is about to close on the BLM's programmatic EIS for commercial solar developments on public land in the West
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Towing with a Rivian R1T

Towing with an EV is a tough proposition, but a recent road trip through Arizona proved that is not only doable, but easy.
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Calling all EV owners

Volunteers requested to showcase their EVs at the upcoming Earth Day at La Plata County Fairgrounds April 20, 2024.
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EV Tax Credit Webinar this Thursday, Jan 25th

Know anyone in the market for a new or used EV and wondering what tax credits might be available from federal or state sources? Send them the link at the bottom of this article for an upcoming webinar from the Electric Vehicle Association. The 2024 tax credit is a bit...
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Volkswagon ID4 – A One Year Review from Southwest Colorado

By Andrew Allport Last year at this time, I was shopping for a new car. I really wanted to buy an EV, but the choices were so limited that I found myself considering buying a cheap used ICE car to get through the winter and into 2023, when it seemed...
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