EV Four Corners

I Love My Car! Why Switch?

That is an honorable position. Making do with what you already have saves materials and money. Taking the family on a vacation road trip instead of flying conserves fossil fuel and funds.

But take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We know that the planet is in distress and that fossil fuel burning is the culprit. Automobile exhaust is a major player in causing the heat waves, water shortages, hurricanes, health problems, droughts, and crop failures that are making people miserable and driving them to become refugees. Immigration and starvation are the key instigators of international strife. Driving an EV means you are doing your part to reduce suffering and prevent future wars. Driving an EV reduces the disproportionate pollution impacts on disadvantaged communities. Switching out your ICE for an EV releases an ICE for purchase by someone less fortunate than you are, and jump starts the transition to a safer world.

Besides, think of the joy a quieter, smoother, safer, and more powerful ride gives you as you bypass the gas station thinking of that $50 saving you earn from each fill-up foregone. EVs are good for your soul; could your soul use that?