EV Four Corners

Do EVs have power to pull and climb?

  1. Do EVs have the power to deal with our mountains or pulling heavy loads?
Toyota example:Camry (ICE)Prius (hybrid)Prius Prime (PHEV)bZ4X (BEV)

As you can see from this array of Toyota examples, there is no noticeable difference in horsepower between regular cars and EVs. EVs have MORE, not less, zip (torque) than any comparable gasoline car. This is primarily because ICE cars develop full power only when they run at maximum RPMs. Electric motors have full power at all speeds. Furthermore, some popular EVs have more than 500 horsepower. Several Tesla models and Rivian electric pickup trucks accelerate 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds, outpacing any ICE Porsche. I recently saw a film of an EV pickup truck pulling a semi out of a ditch. This is why EVs are not allowed to compete in gasoline-car races.