Charging Stations in the Four Corners

Charging Stations in the Four Corners

The first stop for charging information is Plugshare. Below are maps from Plugshare for Non-Tesla and Tesla fast chargers. Fast chargers can take a fully electric car (BEV) from almost empty to 80% full in less than an hour. This is the kind of charger you need when you’re on a road trip – just passing through an area. The maps below show the fast charger situation on 11/30/2019. You can also search for “EV charger” in Google Maps to find all levels and types of charging stations.

Non-Tesla (CCS/SAE and Chademo) Fast Chargers

  • CHAdeMO fast chargers serve:
    • Nissan
    • Mitsubishi
    • Other Japanese automakers
  • Most non-Tesla chargers have connectors for both these types.

Tesla Superchargers in the Four Corners

The maps above show a non-Tesla BEV with greater than 230 miles range, if starting with a full battery at Cortez, Colorado, can make it to either the I-70 or I-40 interstates. As of the summer of 2019, thanks to Electrify America, the interstates have fast-charger coverage at fairly regular intervals, but if you’re driving an EV with 230 miles of range you’d need to plan carefully to go further west from Moab or Grand Junction. In all directions, it’s wise to be prepared to wait if the fast chargers are all in use when you arrive.

Know that fast chargers usually charge by time, and prices rise steeply after the first 30 minutes to an hour. This is done to discourage people from staying at the charger any longer than it takes to fill up.

Teslas have a few more options, but would still have to plan carefully and stay on the most heavily traveled state highways.

Level 2 Non-Tesla Chargers in the Four Corners

It’s important to remember that with an EV, you can fill up every night while you sleep. Just choose accommodations that offer EV charging. Your options increase if you plan to spend the night in the Four Corners during your trip. The locations on the map below are Level 2 chargers. These generally “fill up” at a rate of about 20 miles/hour charging. Therefore, if you stay overnight at these locations you can go from almost empty to full. These locations are also good if you want to stop for a meal, or to visit a place. You can top up 20-60 miles and then continue your trip to your overnight stop or a fast charger to continue on that day.

Level 2 Non-Tesla Chargers in the Four Corners. Go to so you can zoom in to the city/town level.

Charging Stations in the Four Corners