Design contest: How best to design an EV from scratch, taking full advantage of the benefits of electrification?

The legacy car producers are evidently convinced that new EV buyers will purchase only vehicles whose appearance is unchanged from ICE cars.  For example, when Toyota recently announced their first BEV, their number-one talking point was how there would be no change from the source ICE in the appearance of the grill. Perhaps they overlooked the fact that a grill is a detrimental source of air resistance on a BEV.

As Elon has showed the world, grill-less EVs sell. What other beneficial changes could be made?

Send your ideas in, by commenting on this blog post (a slight delay is required to screen out inappropriate ads). It is not important that your idea be utterly new: we seek a list of features that EV owners, or would-be EV owners, find attractive. We will have a later blog to highlight the winner’s idea and identify the sharp thinker to the extent they wish to be known. Or, the winner is welcome to pen an invited blog post.

I’ll seed the list by suggesting that frunks can be a waste of space, especially on pickup trucks whose beds are therefore too short for campers or to carry pieces of plywood: shorten the frunk and lengthen the bed!