Update to April 22, 2023 Ride-n-drive at La Plata County Fairgrounds

Several additional vehicles are now promised for the Earth Day Ride-n-drive event at the La Plata County Fairgrounds, 10:00 to 2:00 PM, but the Lucid Air has been delayed until the 2023 Fall Ride-n-drive in Telluride. The models to be added include the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the Kia Niro, and the Porsche Taycan. The Porsche has specifications that suggest it is intended for a very similar buyer (“demographic”) to that of the Lucid Air.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 – The Ioniq 5 is an all-electric (BEV) 5-seat crossover with a range of 220 to 303 miles in RWD variants, and 266 miles for the AWD version. At the present time Hyundai does not qualify for a federal tax break, and the Colorado tax break roughly offsets the various taxes and fees incurred during purchase. Prices range $41,450 to $45,730. They have exceptionally good regeneration modes (on steering wheel paddle) and expeditious fast charging. Over ten years they save the EV purchaser an average of about $7,000 to $11,400.

Kia Niro – This FWD 5-seater crossover comes in either a PHEV (PHEV EX: 33 mi e-range) or BEV (EV Wind: 253 mi e-range) version. As with other Korean imports, federal tax breaks do not currently apply; the PHEV version is about $34,000 and the BEV version about $40,000. Three regeneration modes are available on a paddle shifter. Unusually, both BEV and PHEV have fast charging capability, though it is not particularly fast (typically 37 – PHEV to 48 miles – BEV in 15 minutes).

Porsche Taycan – My guess is that most buyers of this car like the sound of the word “Porsche”. The car seats only 4, but maybe taking the family out for a Sunday drive is not a priority. Fast-charging can be very fast (150-164 miles added in 15 min), but may require an 800 Volt charger, of which the US has very few (mostly at Porsche dealerships). Although the prices are high ($90,816 – $146,119; if you have to ask….), these EVs are still a major savings compared to the comparable gas car, the Porsche Panamera series, by $17,000 to $24,000 over ten years.