News for Durango-area readers

News for Durango-area readers
These fast chargers can give an 80% charge for most EVs in a matter of minutes

The first fast charger on the US highway 160 corridor in our area is up and running in Pagosa Springs (next to the existing level II charger by the water treatment facility across the river from the main hot springs resort). At present the two chargers (sharing 125 KW) both support charging of non-Tesla vehicles (CHAdeMO, CCS plugs), but a sign on the units indicates that a back-ordered part will soon be added for fast charging Teslas. This charger location is a convenient spot for Four-corners bound drivers coming from the East or Denver but needing a quick top-up to reach their destination. A similar unit is to be installed in Durango at the Transit Center by mid-summer 2021. A level II charger recently installed in Bayfield will be of interest primarily to residents of, or employees working in, that town.

The city of Durango is working with La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) to search for ways to prepare our area for the expected and desired upswing in electric vehicle ownership. The first stage is an online poll of current or prospective EV owners asking about factors that promote or inhibit EV ownership. Please take the poll (click here: poll ends Feb 28, 2021). The poll also provides an opportunity to get on a mailing list for subsequent stakeholder opportunities to advise the city and LPEA on policies and infrastructure improvements that will facilitate EV adoption.

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  1. Durango Mark
    I have used this charger with my Model Y (we purchased the CHADEMO adapter from Tesla). Nice to have for entering charger-free zones (New Mexico?).

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